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Radish Boya Co., Ltd started selling “Green Green-Asparagus” (2008.1.15)

Radish Boya Co., Ltd delivering organic/low agricultural chemicals vegetables and additive-free foods started selling its members “Green Green-Asparagus” with the use of Green Power Certification System. With the System, we can consider 5,000 kWh needed to warm up asparagus during it production period as green power generated by biomass power. It is the first case in Japan that the System has been used for vegetables needed to warm up during its production period.
It is Yamagata Green Power Station located in Murayama City of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan that has produced 5,000 kWh of biomass power. The station is characterized by biomass power which is generated by burning residual woods, such as drift woods.
* Power generated: 5,000 kWh
* Generation Period: November 1, 2007 to December 20, 2007
* Type of Power: Biomass Power
* Provider of Green Power Certification System: Energy Green Inc.
* Agency of Green Power Certification System: Value Frontier Co., Ltd