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【Vice President】
Yumiko Umehara (Mrs)

Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University (Master's degree)

【Occupational Background】
Yumiko Umehara was involved in the research activities on the institutional and economic analyses of Kyoto Mechanism, development of the international energy balance model based on the multi-national/sectoral intput-output model at SFC Research Institute of Keio University. Later she joined IBM Japan Software marketing team and engaged in consumer marketing of the software products. After she left IBM, she became a visiting researcher for the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, involved in the operation of international conferences, translation of technical papers and research on the global/national energy scenarios. She then joind Value Frontier Co., Ltd when it was established in 2006. Since 2006, she has been heading the consultation team of global environmental issues, such as global warming and biodiversity.

・"Developing an Energy Balance Model for G7 Countries"(2000, Master thesis)
・"Economy Energy Environment – Beyond the Kyoto Protocol"(2002). Kluwer Academic Publishing. (Uno

・Renewables 2005/ 2006 Global Status Report(2006)
・International Critical Committee on the Long Term Nuclear Program (2005) 

【NGO activities】
LEAD Japan, Former Program Director,
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies,Researcher,

She had joined LEAD Interinational (Leadership for Environment and Development)and finished its 2 years of training sessions, held in Costa Rica, Thailand, U.S.A, and Japan. She is currently a fellow member.